“The recent DK The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy just may be the best pregnancy book ever! When I was pregnant I read more then 30 pregnancy books, and I wish I had this one then! Erika Lenkert not only pulled from her own experiences but also those of “The Mommy Menagerie” a group of over 100 women. The great set-up provides a quick read from cover to cover, or an even quicker reference to find answers without hours of searching. Not only are the answers easy to find, but they are brief yet factual, and entertaining. 

A much better alternative to The Girlfriends Guide (a book I personally was not fond of) this book could quite easily be the only pregnancy book you really need. Or at least would actually use!

Written in a way that doesn’t end with you browsing a dictionary to understand it, or leave you more puzzled then when you started. I could sing this book’s praises for hours. It is without a doubt the one book I will recommend to any pregnant woman I know. I’ll be tucking it in any “Congratulations” gift baskets I give as well!

Do yourself (or any pregnant friend, relative, neighbor, or stranger!) a favor and run to your nearest book store, grab it for only $16.95 and leave the other million pregnancy books where they belong, still on the bookstore shelf! ”
– Baby Joys

“Highly readable, the book is organized by topic rather than trimester, with chapters including answers to some basic pregnancy questions and input from what Lenkert calls her “Mommy Menagerie”—more than 100 mothers of all ages from around the world. But its real strength is in Lenkert’s sharing of her own experiences: she tells all about her pregnancy, her partner, and her daughter, with no detail too personal.”
Library Journal

“Get all the answers – simple and straight up – in The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy. Author and mom Erika Lenkert dishes on the ins and outs of pregnancy, delivery and those precious first months with a newborn. Like a trusted friend who’s been there done that, the book dispenses tips on all those little things you may not think of the first time around . . . It’s like CliffsNotes for the next nine months.”

“This is the mom-to-be encyclopedia. It is an all-encompassing guide, which covers topics from what to eat to where to shop. The book also includes insight from the ‘Mommy Menagerie,’ a group of 111 real-life pregnant women who give their straightforward spin on what to really expect when you’re expecting.”
Baby Groove

“Unsatisfied with the pregnancy books out there, Lenkert (The Last Minute Party Girl) decided to write her own. Light, humorous and accessible, Lenkert’s guide offers facts on important topics like nutrition, exercise and doctor’s appointments, and also includes her own thoughts and experiences concerning everything from maternity fashion, coping with moodiness, and her relationship with her husband during her pregnancy. Lenkert’s writing style—along with her Cheat Sheets on essential vitamins needed in each trimester and lists of healthy snacks for pregnancy hunger pains—make this guide fun and accessible. Quotes from more than 100 pregnant women and moms, whom Lenkert calls the Mommy Menagerie appear throughout the book and shed light on pregnancy cravings, sleep and nausea to name a few. Lenkert utilizes her fashion savvy by including her favorite Web sites for baby clothing, furniture and gear, and also includes helpful and practical lists of what to bring to the hospital with you and newborn essentials for when you arrive home. (Mar.)” Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Publisher’s Weekly