The Best Pregnancy Book for Men

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ABCs for Expectant DadsI know a handful of men who were actually as excited as their partners to read about the ins and outs of pregnancy when they found themselves in family ways. But most of the guys I know never got past the front cover when presented with a classic paternity bookHowever, if any of those dads were handed Todd Barrett Lieman’s ABCs for Expectant Dads, they probably would have enjoyed learning the difference between placenta and pre-eclampsia

A dictionary of pregnancy and new-parent terms, it’s not touchy-feely, overwrought, or voluminously imposing. A concise 116-page A to Z resource guide, it’s packed with basic essential information couched in male attitude and wit.

Take the opening lines of the following definitions for example:

“CRYING, WIFE OR PARTNER: Unlike the crying baby, who cries because something is wrong, your wife will cry because everything is right. Or she’ll cry because the stoplight didn’t change fast enough. Or because her food is cold. Or because the baby is cute. Or because the sky is blue….”

“GLIDER: It’s just a freaking chair!…”

“MATERNITY CLOTHES: Repeat this phrase, ‘Honey, you look awesome in that outfit’….”

“NURSING BRA: Where the hell was this when you were dating or first married?…”

I’m not sure there is any amount of humor that can inspire the deadbeat dad-to-be to race to Borders to snatch up the hottest new pregnancy book for beaus. But guys with even the mildest interest will love this fresh, funny, and informative book—and their gals will get a chuckle out of the oh-so-paternal perspective, too. And the cost for all of the wisdom and wisecracks is a measly $12.95.

Also, FYI, you can get more of Todd’s parenting musings by visiting his blog.

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