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May 6, 2008 | Leave a Comment

In The Real Deal Guide, I discuss how unnecessary it is to read pregnancy tombs because our bodies know how to be pregnant and common sense goes a long way in pregnancy health.

I also wrote that your time would be better spent reading up on breastfeeding, if you’re planning on partaking, and helping your baby to develop healthy sleep habits once he or she arrives.

After reading a surprising article by Science Daily that declared nearly 1/3 of US parents don’t know what to expect from their infants or how to help them develop, I have yet another suggested homework assignment for mommies-to-be: invest in a child-rearing book or two.

I bought What to Expect the First Year and What to Expect the Toddler Years from a used bookshop, but found them as frustrating as the brand’s pregnancy book because its organization inadvertently implied that if your growing child did not follow the book’s rigid milestone time line, something was wrong. And heavens knows we moms don’t need any more to worry about.

More level headed, albeit a boring read, is Touchpoints, which helps parents anticipate, understand, and facilitate developmental milestones. I’m sure there are some other good ones out there, but now I’m too busy reading about healthy discipline practices for my nearly three-year-old to bother finding them.

If you have any suggestions, send ‘em my way!

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