The Latest on Caffeine and Pregnancy

While reports suggest that around 80 percent of miscarriages happen because of chromosomal abnormalities, a recent study by Kaiser Permanente suggests that women in early pregnancy who drink a cup and a half of coffee each day have a greater risk of miscarriage than those who don’t drink the stuff.

Although there is no proof that the occasional dose of caffeine is harmful, there’s no evidence that it’s completely safe, either. So if you’re the precautionary type, you might think twice before downing that morning latte.

Other reasons to curb the habit: Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic, so it inspires a lot of trips to the ladies room and stops you from snoozing when you need to.

FYI, you’re not out of the woods if you eschew coffee. You can get just as jacked up on certain types of soda and tea.

Glow Mama: Pregnancy Hydration and Health Drink

glow pregnancy drink

One of the neatest unexpected results around writing a pregnancy book has been becoming connected with other women who are trying to help make pregnancy as enjoyable as possible. One such person is Lucy Leahy.

An ambitious and lovely NorCal mom, she is behind the new maternity drink Glow Mama. A refreshingly light and nutritious all-natural beverage, it’s concocted specifically for pregnant women, which means that along with a subtle, sweet kiwi-fruit flavor, it’s packed with prego-friendly essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Even better, it tastes good.

A six-pack goes for $11.95 online. Along with being a good grab and go option, they make for a perfect potion to serve at baby showers–and would look supercute nestled in a bowl of ice.