Real Deal on Splendora’s BFF Lounge

splendora reviews the real deal guide to pregnancy

I was super excited to learn that fabulous Breann Joanou reviewed my book on Splendora–and totally got its intention. Thanks, to Breann and congrats on her pregnancy! Read the review.

The Baby Joys Review

The Best Real Deal Guide to Preganancy book review yet!

I am really psyched about this review! Huge thanks to Baby Joys, a very cool blog.
Read the complete review.

Why This Book is Different

If you want to know why I wrote The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy in a subject rather than trimester format, learn why I don’t believe pregnancy books should include information about everything that can go wrong, or discover why broadcasters at Studio 10 in St. Petersburg, Florida, say the guide is worth getting, check out this interview.

Healthy Ways to Approach Weight Gain


Weight gain is hard for some women to stomach, even when they have the best reason in the world to do so–like they’re pregnant and absolutely should pack on the pounds.

If you’re one of those women who is finding it difficult to embrace the rounder, more cuddly you, check out the article I wrote on

It even includes this photo of me, taken when I was 8 months pregnant, on one of the rare days that I actually made an effort to look good. (It was July 4 and we were going to a party, after all!)

Watch the Real Deal Guide Interview


I just got back from introducing my book to the nation through 21 satellite media broadcasts to morning news shows all over the country. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t even mind that interviews started at 4:30am and went straight through to 9am! (That’s what having a -1/2 year-old who wakes you up four times a night because she’s transitioning to a “big girl bed” will do for you–Sleep? What’s that?)

Check out the fun interview on KMPH Fox 26 out of Fresno, California.

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